Lilang 26650 3.2V 3000mAh 3300mAh battery
release date:2022-11-14 15:31
New Lilang 26650 3.2V 3000mAh 3300mAh battery
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【Product Specification】Voltage: 3.2V; Amp: 3Ah; Weight: 0.12lbs; Dimension: 0.83*2.76*2.76 inches (L/W/H)Minimum capacity: 1450mAh(0.5C),Charge cut-off voltage: 3.65V, Discharge cut-off voltage: 2V,Internal resistance: ≤20mΩ
【Lithium Iron Phosphate 3.2V Battery】This is a new type of battery, 3.2V 3000mAh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, which is different from 3.7V battery and has a lower voltage. But it is safer and more stable than 3.7V battery and will not explode.
【Stable security】Lilang 3.2V 3000mAh lithium battery Long life, large capacity and good shock resistance.low self-discharge and good discharge performance at low temperature.strong charging acceptance and quick-charging capability. strong over-discharge resistance and charge retention.maintenance-free and no acid or water for maintenance in usage.
26650 cycliner 3.2V 3000mAh 3300mAh Lithium Ion Battery cell
Our 26650 cylinder Prismatic Lithium Iron Battery is widely used in electric vehicle, E-bike, UPS, Energy Storage System Lithium Battery,Solar Energt Storage Battery System, telecommunication base station,E-scooter, E-tools, unmanned airplane, golf cart, fork lift, cleaning car, electric wheelchair, etc.3.2V3000Ah Lithium Ion Battery Cell can used for battery pack, such as 12V,24V,36V,48V,72V Lithium Ion Battery Pack. Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Lifepo4 span is over 4000 times.

1.Outlook: Simple and smooth surface, can be easily cleaned.
2.Light-weight: Light weight design, packed by plastic components.
3.Module design: High capacity(3.2V 3000mAh 3300mAh), can be assembled to different voltage.
4.Structure: Stable hollow structure, protecting the lithium pouch cell well.
5.Insulation: Perfect electrical insulation, both inside and outside.
6.Performance: Good heat conductivity, safety performance.

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