CATL Battery 3.7V 150Ah lithium battery cell
release date:2022-11-15 16:10
CATL Battery 3.7V 150Ah lithium battery cell for electric vehicle
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Application: Home Appliances, Solar Energy Storage System
Type: rechargeable li ion battery

Key Specifications/ Special Features:

Rated capacity: 150 (Ah)
Standard voltage: 3.65 (V)
Dimensions: 78-148-100 (mm)
Battery type: power lithium battery
Rechargeable: Yes
Material: NMC
Charging voltage: 4.2V
Scope of application: energy storage, outdoor power equipment, electric vehicle battery packs
Minimum capacity: 150AH
Internal resistance: ≤0.55mΩ
Factory voltage: 3.65V
Nominal capacity: 150AH
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