CATL 3.7V 93Ah
release date:2022-11-18 16:24
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This product is an innovative safe lithium battery. By embedding a protective circuit in the battery, the defect of the ordinary lithium battery without safety protection device can be solved, and the circuit can be cut off in time when the equipment fails. Prevent the heat and explosion in danger because of the equipment short-circuit from the battery.
Weight: 1.45 kg
Internal resistance: 107 mOhm
Size: 27-228-105mm

UPS System
Solar Power
Home Energy Storage System
   Solar  Street Light
   Recreational Vehicle
      E-Bike Battery
Product description: 

This product is a capacity type lithium battery has the high unit capacity.It is suitable for all kinds of Torch , Power bank , Fan , Toy , Power tool or other electric devices.This power bank is providing a perfect power solution for staying home, traveling, camping or field operations.

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