CATL 3.2V 110Ah LiFePO4 battery cells
release date:2022-12-08 15:38
The related products of CATL cell: Battery protection, longterm storage function, can be used repeatedly. The battery can be fully charged at high temperature to ensure that you never burn your batteries. Replacement for your old or broken charger battery. High performance lithium ion battery with excellent reliability and long service life. Premium lithium ion cells new rechargeable battery pack. The lithium battery is made of high quality abs plastic materials, which has long lasting power, good impact resistance and high temperature resistance. The battery is made of high quality polycarbonate material, which is durable and reliable to use.

Capacity: 110Ah
Internal resistance: 0.45 milliohm
Weight: 2kg
Size: 173 — 45 — 133mm
CATL LiFePO4 Battery 3.2V 110Ah
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