AVIC 3.7V 218Ah LiFePO4 battery cells
release date:2023-07-20 11:16
Advantages of batteries
1. Large capacity and stable discharge voltage. 
2. High performance and longer working time. 
3. Light weight and small size. 
4. Excellent discharge characteristics and small internal resistance.
5. No memory effect, good discharge capacity, high load, high temperature resistance. 
6. Environmental protection and no pollution. 
7. 100% genuine Li-ion rechargeable battery. 
8. Built-in explosion-proof protection and circuit protection.
9. With explosion-proof valve: In the event of high temperature, short circuit or other accidents, the internal pressure will break through the explosion-proof valve to prevent the battery from catching fire or exploding.
* Validity period of stock goods: 15 days
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